Awards and recognitions


Energy Globe - 2008 was received for promoting the development of energy service companies in Kyrgyzstan. For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, UNISON implemented the scheme of a performance-based contract - a trilateral agreement between an energy service company, a heat supply organization and a municipal facility, “Altyn Balalyk” kindergarten located in Naryn region. The project offered a win-win concept that allowed the kindergarten to improve its energy efficiency class and the municipal authority to avoid additional costs for the object renovation. A heat meter was installed in the kindergarten building and insulation works were carried out. These measures provided a 67% reduction in the kindergarten’s costs for the heating; 40% of the reduction was achieved through the reduction of losses in the heating network pipelines, and 27% through energy-saving measures.


Energy Globe - 2011 was awarded for the implementation of energy-efficient solutions in a medical facility located in the remote village of Kommuna. Energy Globe welcomes an integrated approach to energy efficiency, from planning a building’s alignment to the cardinal points, selecting materials and construction methods and up (but not limited) to the use of alternative energy sources. Such approach was implemented by UNISON during the process of design and construction of the medical facility in Kommuna, Batken region of the Kyrgyz Republic. The building’s energy efficiency class is A; it has the conditions in place to provide medical services. It will replace the rural health center that was earlier located in one of the rooms of a local chaihana (café). The new medical facility demonstrates the advantages of renewable energy sources and frame construction harnessing bulrush panels, a traditional organic insulation.


acknowledged the successful implementation of sustainable energy financing instruments in Kyrgyzstan, Sustainable Energy Financing Program (KyrSEFF), developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and implemented with grant support from the European Union. Operating since 2013, it provides preferential loans to the private sector to improve the energy efficiency of houses and businesses.