For nearly a decade Unison has channeled its efforts to promote sustainability, transparency and good governance in the energy, climate and environmental sector. Today Unison continues with this tradition by providing international development organizations and donor institutions strategic advisory and innovative solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs and circumstances of the Kyrgyz population. We provide organizations and donors the tools and expertise they need to successfully navigate projects in Kyrgyzstan and to attain long-term results and profound socio-economic impact. We combine corporate consulting with alternative means of influence through our research and advocacy work. Our expertise covers renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, energy governance, climate change, natural resource management and good governance.

Our goals are:

  • To empower our clients to achieve substantive and long-lasting results by providing them valuable insights into Kyrgyz politics, economy and industry;
  • To help our clients and partners better understand and address the specific needs and local circumstances of the Kyrgyz population in urban and rural areas;
  • To influence underlying drivers to promote sustainable behavior in Kyrgyzstan;
  • To advance innovative thinking, processes and products in Kyrgyzstan and to create a knowledge hub for sharing innovation, expertise and best practices

We offer the following services:

  • Strategic Advisory Services and Consulting
  • Project Development and Implementation
  • Advanced Analytics and Scientific Research
  • Feasibility Studies and Risks Assessments
  • Product and Service Innovations tailored to the Kyrgyz context
  • Informational Campaigns and Awareness Raising Activities
  • Public Conferences, Workshops and Seminars