Unison Group is one of the most established and well-known organizations for environmental protection and climate change in Kyrgyzstan. Unison Group strives to continuously learn and develop itself while also strengthening the capacity of civil society sector as a whole. Its unique approach of cooperating and working together with many various government authorities and non-government stakeholders is recognized both regionally and internationally. For several years Unison has coordinated the Climate Action network which unites local and regional organizations that actively promote climate and environmental policy.

Svetlana Bashtovenko - Resource Center for Elderly, Director

“The basic mechanism of interaction between civil society and state institutions is enlightening activity, that is: education: it is impossible to draw up a dialogue, if people do not hear each other or do not understand when they are talking.

Lubov’ Ten - 26 March, 2009, conference “The Electricity Governance Initiative – Generating Dialogue on Public Interests and Energy in Kyrgyzstan”, Adviser of Ministry of economic development and trade of KR

“I would like to express my gratitude to this working group for conducting this study on the energy sector, especially on public participation, and sharing the results. We are especially weak on this issue, and elaborated recommendations would be very useful for us.  An outside perspective is always useful -- there may be some mistakes, and we would be glad to eliminate them. We are ready for collaboration and discussion.”

Erkin Abdykalykov - Director of State Department on Regulating Fuel and Energy Complex ,

“Since OSF provides only financial support, UNISON was responsible for planning, conducting, evaluating and reporting the entire spectrum of activities that were related to this five-year project. During this time, UNISON consistently demonstrated their commitment to the success of each project by their attention to detail on all project stages that includes schedules, quality control, communication, administration and document evaluation and reporting. All project-related activities and procedures were handled with an utmost degree of professionalism and transparency and all of the required paperwork and billings were responded to promptly.

Having supported UNISON for more than five years, we have witnessed first hand how this initially small non-government organization has thrived into one of the most adept and influential civil society organization throughout Kyrgyzstan.”

Open Society Foundation - ,

“During the time of our project, we found UNISON to be a trustworthy, reliable, and hard-working partner with a genuine interest to improve the living conditions in Kyrgyzstan. Despite the geographic scope of this project and the bureaucratic challenges in Kyrgyzstan, UNISON was able to perform all given tasks in a timely and utmost professional manner. Their financial planning, for instance, was remarkably meticulous and transparent to all project partners involved. Moreover, UNISON has demonstrated a great flexibility and the necessary creativity to adapt to unforeseen events while abiding to original targets and plans and maintaining a high quality of work.”

Jonathan Hornbrook - German Development Cooperation REgiona Office GIZ in Central Asia,

“Unison has been a partner of the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI), for which the World Resources Institute serves as Secretariat, since 2008. EGI is a global network of civil society organizations working to promote better governance of the electricity sector. The first step for EGI partners is to conduct a sector governance assessment, using EGI’s indicators of transparency, accountability, and public participation. Unison led the research and writing for the EGI governance assessment in Kyrgyzstan, producing a high quality report –one of the best reports of the 13 countries in which EGI has conducted assessments. ”

Davida Wood - Senior Associate
Electricity Governance Initiative Governance Center of Excellence World Resources Institute Washington, D.C.,